In order to adapt to the context, three different formats are available:


Fun.e can be adopted by Primary Schools as an interactive method to be used by teachers with their students.

Interactive online activities are combined with our course syllabus in order to provide each school with personalised solutions to their specific needs. The fun.e platform was also designed to cater to the needs of teachers, providing them with a variety of resources that place students in familiar and creative communicative situations.

The course syllabus was designed in accordance with the competences set out in the European Frame of Reference for Languages.

At the end of the Fun.e course students will have acquired the language competences corresponding to level A1.

 Fun.e after school

Fun.e workshops can be adopted by town halls, as one of the after-school activities. Monitors (town hall or Fun.e) have at their disposal a large variety of online resources as well as classroom activities that allow children to discover the language in a fun and communicative way.


Fun.e@home is made for parents who are concerned by the English proficiency of their children aged 6 to 10.

They access the platform in a secure way and children learn while they have fun.

Skype® sessions with the teacher are a special moment when children, together with their family, can put into practise what they have learn with the fun.e programme at and/or at school. They also learn about other cultures.

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