What is Fun.e?

What is Fun.e?

English workshops dedicated to Primary school children, to be used by families, schools or leisure organisations. They combine language learning and educational technologies. Teachers and pupils have an educative and interactive platform available which contains a lot of resources that keeps in mind different student profiles.

There are different dynamic tools in just one learning environment. Children develop skills in using new technologies and obtain studying habits through these tools.

Fun.e is a playful, interactive and modern method that corresponds to:

  • pupils’ interests
  • parents’ expectations
  • socio-educational needs
  • modernization efforts of schools/institutions/associations


Fun.e workshops are based on the “Learn by communicating” model.

The communicative language function is enhanced and children learn through tasks carried out, in a natural and spontaneous way. Fun.e encourages cooperation rather than competition.

For students, it’s a fun and efficient method for learning. Workshops stimulate communication and favour learning in a natural way.

Primary education is not an early stage to learn a foreign language! Some studies have proved that the cognitive structure of a child is flexible and prepared to learn new languages.

Children house all the knowledge gained in just one neural network, contrary to adults, who need a whole neural system for every language.

For teachers, Fun.e is a rich and efficient tool that allows them to gain new competences, saving time in preparing lessons, motivating pupils and monitoring their improvement at any time.

For the school or institution, besides the fact that it represents a modern image, it is a dual investment; more quality in the teaching of languages and more productivity on teacher’s behalf.

Fun.e method complies with Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. At the end of the five levels, students will have achieved the competences of Level A1.

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